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The Carson National Bank of Auburn traces its heritage to the earliest days of Nebraska and Nemaha County history. We were officially established in Auburn in 1887 making us the oldest bank in Nemaha County. But our roots go back farther yet. On January 14, 1857 John L. Carson and B.F. Lushbaugh started a bank under the name Lushbaugh and Carson. It was reorganized as the Carson Bank in 1860, seven years before Nebraska became a state. In 1871 it was nationalized as The First National Bank of Brownville. In 1887, John L. Carson liquidated the First National Bank of Brownville and officially opened The Carson National Bank of Auburn.

Once opened in Auburn, the bank was located east of the Nemaha County Courthouse where it remained from 1887 to 1972. In 1972 the current building was constructed at 2301 Dahlke Avenue in the Crestview addition to Auburn.

In 1987 Carson National Bank held its celebration of a century of service. Old timers said it was the biggest shindig since prohibition was abolished.

And when everyone else was worried about Y2K, our customers knew Carson National Bank had brought in a new century once before with no cause for worry.

We have been around for a while and, like a trusted friend, you can count on Carson National Bank to be there for you.

The Carson National Bank, Box 290, Auburn, Nebraska, 68305-0290, 1(402)274-4333
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